I might leave the community

The reason why I might leave this community is because I don’t think anybody gets me. They don’t even know me, and they definitely don’t know my personality.

And just ASSUMING that I always push everybody away, which is not always the problem.


Hey! People may not completely understand you, but at least there is some advice to give! I suggest you don’t leave the community completely if you’d like to take a small break then go ahead but if you leave you’re probably gonna have a sense of lower motivation. I left the community for 2 years and I never had the motivation to write anything for the whole 2 years I was gone. And even if you don’t write all that much it still ties into other things that you may or may not be motivated to do. We all feel like we have no one to talk to at some points and sometimes we actually don’t, but it’s never good to shut out the options you have! Since I’m back I plan to respond to as many posts as I possibly can, especially yours. Just hold on tight and try to enjoy as much as you can, this crazy ride we call life :slight_smile:


From: ManekiNeko

I know that sometimes conversations get congested and people interpret things differently. It can be hard to sometimes hear the compassion behind texts.
I know I have had moments of reading something and felt it was a cold response, but that was not the intention.
theres some things that can be hard conversations to have. Sometimes there’s that relief when just sort of mentioning it can lighten the burden it holds, and then it grows into an uncomfortable place when someone tries to open it up more. It’s okay to need room to breathe and move and grow. It’s okay to decide what battles you’re safe sharing and which ones you need time on.


From: eloquentpetrichor

Hey there, Katelynn! I think that you belong here. We all want to help and support each other and sometimes showing support for others can make us feel a bit ignored but all kinds of relationships and support are about give and take. It’s important to know when to let the comforting spotlight shine on you and when to move it onto others while you hold it steady. I hope that you stick around and become an amazing and well known member of this community who is known for holding the spotlight as much as you inhabit it. You are correct that I do not know your personality as we have not interacted much but I think you are an amazing person who has so much love and kindness to share.

Stay strong :hrtlegolove:


Hi Katelynn,
thank you for sharing.
especially in the talk-it-out channel on discord, things often get too much, and things can get overwhelming for us
all. we all often need to learn that things that are said, not only to us, also in general we should not take on to
ourselves to much. no one is meaning that all in a mean way.
you do great so far, you spread kindness and love with your quotes. you share your worries and thoughts.
what matter is, that you take action and you learn from all of that. we often read something out of context and think
this is bad or getting mad by it. when emotions are in, that is sometimes the case.
you are loved, you matter most. :purple_heart:


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