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I miss halloween when I was a kid

Halloween is one my favorite Holidays, but like all holidays it lose it magic when I get to older. I miss the feeling of halloween like trick or teating. Going to Salem with my family, just feeling spirt of halloween.

Over the years there some halloween that suck. Some my friends just even get stress out, and just don’t want to do jack shit. Me ending a friendship that would invoke going to Salem to halloween. And not having a girlfriend or a party to go too.

I feel really sad that I can’t do anything fun on halloween or October in general. Again, my three friend to be fair have there own personal, which is understandable. But still it suck we can go out to Salem to have good time or just enjoy the night.

I’m greatful to have my sister, cuase she help to make halloween. By inviting to party and going to get pumpkins. The only I depend on her for it and I could just have a group of friends to do these things with.

It remind that I’m lonely and getting older.

( side note, there one in Salem that had the worst episodes, where full freak out. I punch my head in front my friends and in public with thousands of people. Cause could not find my car, and I was stressing out.)

I miss being a kid on halloween, but I can’t relive the past.


I had my fun as a kid. I was naughty plenty of times too. I did the usual stuff, like firecrackers in mailboxes, soaping windows, sneaking up to windows and blowing one of those long horns. I was good at that. I could make it sound like a train coming. I never did the flaming bag of poop thing, but saw it done many times. I went out dressed as a hobo, 'cause it was easy to do. I walked miles through the neighborhoods, and collected enough candy to last me till Spring.

I never went to parties. I was too much of a loner, and not comfortable in such groups.

When I was older, I had fun taking my kids around, trick or treating. Now I just get my enjoyment vicariously, watching the neighborhood kids having fun.

I recall the past with gratitude that I survived despite the stupid things I did. I’m also happy that I had a few fun experiences on Halloween. I didn’t go trick or treating every year. Sometimes family circumstances were so messed up that I just hid out.

I wouldn’t want to relive the past. Once through it is enough. I do get the nostalgia though, but I truly believe looking back at the good things, and appreciating them is better than reliving both the good and bad experiences, as at times, everything seemed overwhelming in a negative way.

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Growing up and getting older is the transition from getting presents from ‘santa’ to BEING Santa! It can be rough, but it can also be amazing. Like @Wings alluded to, it’s great to reminisce about times gone past, but also to be grateful at the stage we’re at now.

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Oh man, I miss this kind of feeling too. Actually, the more I work on my depression, the more I crave for things that bring me again the sweet feeling of lightness and innocence that I could feel as a kid. Halloween was not a big celebration because it was not very present in my country, culturally speaking, as opposed to how it is in US. But I always loved Halloween! One year my sister and I did trick or treating in our village and we felt so proud of gathering candies as if it was a treasure, lol. That year marked us a lot and we can’t help but smiling when thinking about it. For us, it’s also part of the memories of when we could really enjoy our childhood and be away from the unhealthy environment at home. Definitely a sweet time to remember.

You know, even as an adult, you can still do something that would bring you this feeling again. I’ve been personally trying to connect to things I loved as a child, more and more, because it’s just nice and helps to have this little spark again. I read comics I loved at the time. Same for movies to watch. For Halloween I’ll probably make myself cosy with a big blanket, watch a horror movie and eat candies for dinner. :smile: It’s nice to “regress” into a bit of nostalgia when you feel like it, or to just do things that sweep away all adult responsibilities and constraints for a while. If you’d like to do something for Halloween, then there might be ways to do something anyway. Even by yourself, it could be a nice time to spend that would bring a smile to your face - although you’ve mentioned your sister and getting pumpinks, so that could be a nice perspective too!

It’s cool to be an adult with the spirit of a child. No shame with reconnecting to this part of ourselves. It just requires a bit more creativity than when we were young. Your inner child is still there. :slight_smile:

I hope you’ll have a wonderful Halloween. Getting older is okay. And you’re not alone: your friends just have their own thing to do too, which happens. :hrtlegolove:

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From: Lisalovesfeathers (Discord)

Hi Friend, Thank you for Posting, I totally get where you are coming from As children, we cannot wait to be “grown-ups,” and as adults, we yearn for the innocence of childhood. Reminiscing about childhood brings a sense of delight to individuals, as it is a period that is free of all worries and anxieties. It was where we spent every waking minute with our family and friends. All cries and shouts were heard and all questions answered. Certain times of the year especially are of particular importance to that memory, Halloween being one and of course Christmas, when you want nothing more than to go back and believe all the magical tales you are told. These times of fantasy are such a wonderful escape from the humdrum of adult life but that does not mean you cannot get together and have some great fun with friends at these times. Get out there, Relax. laugh. have fun and maybe take a taxi next time so you dont have to worry about a car. Much Love Lisa x


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