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I missed out on work again

I called in from work because I wasn’t able to be fully functional to work tonight.

I was feeling awful after this interview for a job I am not going to get and my dad comes out of blue yelling at my sister and yelling is a big trigger for me even if it’s not directed at me and that made me felt ten times worse.

I feel sick and my breathing was picking up I was scared too but I did it. I probably had a bad anxiety episode I am not sure it didn’t quite felt like a panic attack. My job is very hetic and it can be too much for me like it was this past weekend but I was close to having outburst of anger that day but today I almost cried and I feel emotionally frozen?

My super texted me if I was coming in tonight I told him no and he told me that he didn’t see my name down and that I had to call in again. I did and I am worried that I might get fired now…


Hey I’m really sorry you’re fighting these feelings and emotions right now. Your mental and emotional health is always important and I just want you to know that it’s not your fault that your name wasn’t put down the first time, you did the right thing and it’s annoying and awful that you can to call again.
Is there someone you talk to about all these overwhelming feelings at all? Someone who helps you figure out steps to work through it or anything? Not saying you have to, but sometimes it’s nice to even have someone to listen and be there for you. Someone you can trust.
I think if you’ve explained that you had already called in and that you were following what your boss said by calling in again then you don’t have to worry about them taking that out on you in anyway. Not that employers should take it out in their staff regardless.

As for the yelling that’s also a really hard thing to go through. Does your family know how it makes you feel?

I hope you’re feeling a little better right now, you’re valid and loved

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My sister does my dad I don’t know he probably doesn’t cares when he’s upset.

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How do you think you’d feel asking your sister to come with you to talk to him about it? I know when people are upset they may not realise in the moment what they’re saying and how they say it also upsets other people, but sometimes it takes someone else to have a gentle word for them to realise