I need a hug and to vent

I know I’ve talked about stigma before and I’m sorry… I just need to vent.

Back in November, Instagram banned the hashtag BPD and said, *“We’ve hidden posts to protect our community from content that may encourage behavior that can cause harm or even lead to death.”*⁣

This has not only wiped out very needed community building, emotional support and relief for those of us who rely on the hashtag, but it also reinforces the huge stigma around BPD. It’s so fucked up to target us like this. What about other mental disorders that have similar suicidal, self harm and violent symptoms?

On TikTok you can diagnose yourself with BPD from watching idiots… “You have BPD if you get really angry sometimes,” kind of shit. But on Instagram you can’t access a wonderful community of support and knowledge because of stigma. WTF is going on in this world? It’s completely gut wrenching.

I knew this was going on and I’ve had my pot boil over (No, there wasn’t a rabbit in it…lol, sorry I couldn’t resist Fatal Attraction reference) a few times about it. It’s like the world is telling us that we are all monsters or a joke and sometimes it’s just too much and when you hear it over and over, you believe it.

…and your light slowly fades and goes out…


I am so sorry for the hurt that gets spread by misinformation and people then using that to turn other people’s serious life experiences into content.
It impacts, like you said in people who want to build community and who want to genuinely find or share information.
I know I can never truely know what you’re experiencing, but I’ve seen the way that it’s been displayed in a detrimental way and how hurt people have been. Even hearing what people think are off the cuff remarks or jokes like “they’re so moody they must have __”. It plays into the stigma and further creates divide.
It must feel like everyone with similar symptoms just gets lumped into a box, but everyone’s diagnosis and treatment and experience is so different.
You are definitely heard. You’re your own unique person and have a valid experience and feelings.


Hi Mystrose :slightly_smiling_face:
Here is the much needed hug :hugs:. I know you have mentioned that you feel like people with BPD are being stigmatised. I must admit that I have seen some stigma around it myself even tho I am not as well versed in the BPD community as you are, however I think the situation around BPD is getting better. I know it might not seem that way from the example you have mentioned but at least in therapeutic circles it is true. As always it will take time until things get better in the mainstream society too ( even depression is not normalised after such a long time). A lot of people are either ignorant or willingly deft to the facts so they don’t have change their behaviour and beliefs. Luckily there are also people who are willing to listen and learn. For me you are not a monster Mystrose… you are a very supportive and kind person. I am very glad to know you and I know a lot of other people feel the same way :slightly_smiling_face:. I hope the voices are not too bad today. If they bother you too much tell them that they can go fuck themselves :rage:. Take care Mystrose. I hope you have a nice weekend :wink:.


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