I need answers!

Question. I just wanted to know how many of you see therapists or some other type of doctor for your depression and/or anxiety. I’ve considered it but I don’t want a therapist. If you currently see a doctor or have in the past tell me what kind of results it created for you, where were you when you started and where are you now. Thanks in advance to everyone who responds. I really appreciate it


Hey stylin,

Great question. I started singing a councilor at the ager of 5 then stop at 19.

I still use some of the things that person taught me through the years. Do not be scared of admitting you need to see a therapist or councilor. They are doctors anyway. Anyone can see a councilor but it is up to use to take their advice and understanding to heart. I am so glad I had a Christian councilor cause they taught be to pray about my frustrations and giving it up to God.

So I hope you can take away from this understanding that its okay to be scared or worried going to see a therapist/councilor. I want you to know that it will be up to you to take what they say to heart and understand that they really care about you.

Keep us updated!



I saw two therapists last year, both short term. I do not recommend short term unless you absolutely need it because it felt like each time I started I reopened wounds that started to heal. I did have great people who listened very well though and it was very helpful, just a lot harder when you have to keep giving your life story and it just feels like the wounds open each time. I havent started long term yet


Hey @Stylin,

I’ve been seeing counselors/psychologists on-and-off for about 8 years and therapists/psychiatrists on-and-off for about 6 years. I strongly recommend both. Counselors/psychologists provide you the tools to help you work through your anxiety/depression while therapists/psychiatrists formulate the correct mixture of medication to help take the edge off of your anxiety/depression if it gets really bad. Seeing a counselor is one of the best things I’ve ever done, because not only are you equipped with the tools to fight your demons, but also given the wisdom to help other people fight their demons. Sometimes it could take a while to find the right counselor for you, in addition to finding the right mixture of medication that mixes well with your chemistry, but it is 100% worth the fight. Keep us updated!


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Hey Stylin,

Awesome question! Thanks for asking.
My journey with depression treatment has started pretty recently. I’ve seen my family doctor and nurse practitioner a couple times and they’ve been nothing but supportive. I started an anti-depressive medication through their consultations and it’s still pretty early, but I think it is starting to work. I’ve also been to a few therapy appointments and my biggest suggestion is to not be afraid to try different professionals until you find one who you trust and vibe well with. I was lucky to find one pretty quickly and she has been so helpful. Just to have someone who can share anything you’re comfortable sharing without worrying about judgement or protecting their feelings. Having someone’s third party perspective of your entire experience can help bring some clarity in addition to some valuable coping techniques.
Let us know how you make out with this! Keep us posted. :slight_smile: