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I need help for my mood swings


Lately my anxiety and depression have gotten the best of me. I post on Facebook that I wanted to kill myself and getting a lot people worry. I thought about going to ER but I don’t want to crazy hospital or go back on meds. Please anyone tell techniques or medication skill or advice to help, please do



Do deep breathings. Do something you love to do and give energy to it. You will feel better. This are the only suggestions I can give. I’m sorry you are not doing good.


Hey there,

I am sorry your anxiety and depression have been bad lately. I know how exhausting and overwhelming that can be. It sounds like you want to avoid medication so maybe try journaling when you’re feeling low or anxious as a way to get your thoughts and feelings down on paper so it doesn’t feel like your mind is being weighed down as much? I know that is something that has been very helpful to me.

Hold Fast,
Hannah Rhodes


I’m sorry to hear what you are going through I’m kinda going through something similar so I know your pain. My advice might not be the best but try some breathing techniques. For example take some deep breath in for 5 sec and exhale for 8 sec. Repeat this untill you start feeling some relief. From my heart I hope you get better and can overcome this. Much love :blue_heart: