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I need help, someone i can talk to..i really dont know what i need

i have screwed up and like i cant turn to anyone cuz everyone is done with me. im a druggie and an alcoholic. i have my reasons as to why i hit the bottle hard but right now idk how i can stop. i been going hard since last thursday and idk guys. idk what to do and i feel so fucking alone cuz ive turned to my close friends but they dont even answer me or say they gotta go and i get it. i always do this shit so i dont blame them for turning away. like idk. just sucks i dont have no one to talk to. hurts a lot…


Rehab is the first step. If you’re not ready for that step then I suggest you find an AA meeting. But the thing about rehab is if you’re not ready for it, it’s not gonna work. So you need to decide for yourself if this is the change you want to make. Make it and stick with it. You can do it I know you can .

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I will say this first off that you arent alone. Thank you for sharing with us. We are here for you we care about you and that you are important to this community. I have gone through addictions and loosing people. I am a person who when I am in my darkest moments I shut those that I know can help me the most I shut them away. I close them off and dont let them help me. So something I have learned is to find those true friends that help me are really going those that really help me.

A big suggestion I have would be to find something that is bigger than the addiction what is the problem that made you go for that item instead. So for me I want to avoid something so I go for something else and sometimes I have to back off. Lately I have even noticed myself even going towards things that I know are not considered bad but like what is that ground item that you are trying to find. We need to find that item that is broken that needs fixed. It is important that we fix that broken item. Dont avoid it face it head on. I know that can be hard. It sounds like to me that something on that Thursday really hit you really hit you hard. perhaps go back to that day that moment what was it that sent you into that moment. Dont think about those friends find true people who understand what is going on and will stand by you through the thick and thin no matter the issues. I know that is not easy.

Hold fast I know this wont be easy but I am here. The pain is worth finding the solution. I truly believe that sometimes the pain that we hide behind the gains and the hidden doors (the drugs and addictions) it is important to get behind those doors. Tear down the walls. Find them and build a better wall that is build on something better.

I am here if you need.



First, you’ve done the hardest thing that there is to do, reach out for help. Whether you have dealt with this for 12 years, or if you’re feeling it’s time to reach out the first time. So that in itself, is a HUGE step, and a battle won. Know that #YouAreNotAlone in this fight, or in this world. There are others who struggle silently alongside you, b/c they also feel alone in the fight.

I want to reach out to you, even though I do not know you, willing to lend a shoulder, a hug, and an ear to you out of LOVE for you. As a person struggling with life, or things sometimes we have fallen into.

During my stent in a mental health and sobriety facility in 2015, I learned by being in a ‘Dual group’; that people who have mental illnesses (Depression, anxiety, ptsd, etc.) and Substance abuse issues (Alcoholism, Drug/substance addiction) at their core, we shared a lot of similarities. With how we feel about ourselves, and general emotions and feelings we have to navigate through.

Understand peoples frustrations sometimes are warranted, but that DOES NOT MEAN that you are worthless. YOU ARE NOT.

You have someone to talk to, in me if you need it. The next step is to try to evaluate what the next step is for you, and explore those options. And if you want and or need me to be a part of that process, I will help you in what ways that I am able to do so. Know that I cannot solve problems for you, you have to go into the fire to fight these demons. I can however stand beside you through the fight, supporting you when you feel you may need it most.

I want you to find a love and peacefulness in life, to live to your fullest possibility that you are meant to.

Some encouraging lyrics from a song I hold dear: “Wherever you are, whatever you did
It’s a page in your book, but it isn’t the end” ~Sidewalk Prophets - Prodigal

Hold Fast. Friend.



@neotheone Hold Fast friend. If you want the Ironman drawing, please email me [email protected]


First off, I’m really sorry that you feel alone. That’s honestly one of the worst feelings. And I’ve been in that feeling many times, and it’s sucks. But you’re never alone, friend. You are loved and cared for.

Also, have you thought about attending an AA meeting, or maybe a nearby church? Idk if you’re religious, but I’ve found that sometimes it’s really helpful to be around others who to encourage/ love you and lift you up.

Don’t give up on yourself. You have the ability to pull yourself out of this and do great things. I believe in you.


i just wanna say thanks. like really…i know i will beat this addiction and your words and the time you took to encourage me means a lot. really felt the love. thank you so much and to everyone else


You got this! You’re not alone friend

At the risk of sounding cliche; the point in your life that you labeled yourself an alcoholic, you made one of the hardest steps in becoming the person you want to be and having the life you really want. When I was suffering from an addiction, I didn’t want to acknowledge it because I didn’t want to give up what I thought was so great for me. I eventually had my life flipped upside down because of it and either had to change or die. I wish I could have stopped earlier, but I also wouldn’t appreciate all that I’ve become afterwards if I didn’t hit rock bottom. Now I understand how to deal with problems that I used to use my addiction to forget or deal with.

There were a few things that helped me break out of my ways of thinking/living, and hopefully you find something that can help you.

  1. Find an addiction-focused counselor. This can be tricky if you don’t have health insurance or have finance issues, but there are also places that offer free counseling to people who can’t afford it. If you really need help with finding a counselor then don’t hesitate to reach out to me.
  2. Talk to your/a doctor. During a physical I brought up issues I had focusing at work and he was able to give me a mental health doctor to call to discuss it. Later on I was able to talk to the same mental health doctor about my addiction problem and was prescribed antidepressants to help with anxiety, OCD, and depression.
  3. Probably the most important for me - find a local AA meeting. You can look here to see what’s around you. It is SOOOO difficult to actually get out of your comfort zone and attend your first meeting, but there is so much wisdom to gain at one. If you aren’t religious, don’t let the use of “God” during the meetings turn you off of the program. You decide what/who your God is, whether it be nature, yourself, society, or the holy version, you just need to find something to trust will help you improve yourself.

Best of luck and please reach out if you have any questions!