I need self harm alternatives

I relapsed two days ago after a long time of being clean. My thoughts are constantly revolving around PE next week, because I know it won’t be healed until then. And while that is stressing enough, the urge to continue doesn’t go away either.
So, basically I wanted to ask for some alternative things to do, instead of cutting? I’ve done the hair tie on wrist trick multiple times already but it’s not helping anymore. I would really appreciate any types of ideas.

Thank you in advance!

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Hey friend,

There’s a free app called Calm Harm that might be helpful for you to find some ideas:

It basically works like this: you pick a type of activity you’re looking for (“comfort”, “distract”, “express yourself”, “release”, “random”, “breathe”), then you set it for 5 or 15 minutes and you have access to a long list of self-harm alternatives. Once you choose one and do it for 5 or 15 minutes, you are encouraged to ask yourself if you’re feeling better, and to try another activity if you feel the need to. :hrtlegolove:

It’s really positive to look after alternatives by the way. Know that we’re proud of you here and for your efforts. You’re awesome.


Hi friend,

Fidget toys were my best friend when I was starting to recover from self harming. I used putty a lot(crazy aaron’s thinking putty is fantastic and comes in so many different colors) Also tangle toys are good too. They sell them on amazon, you can “snap” them apart and then put them back together. I hope these are helpful for you <3



Physical exertion can help. Hard aggressive exercise. You can do it wherever but get a membership to a 24 hour gym if you can and make a good playlist on your phone. I have a metal playlist on Spotify. Once you get in there and bust it out, you’ll feel loads better. I came close the other day and got a piercing done instead. Idk if those are options for you but just some ideas. Feel free to reach out if you’d like.


Hey @HeresA.Gun.KillMePlease

Whenever i get the urge to self-harm i tend to use that energy that drives me to cook and clean up. Even though it does not sound like a ton of fun, the amount of satisfaction that comes after helps. Small projects help as well like reorganizing or agricultural gardening (depending on where you live.)

All forms of exercise help as well no matter how small it is…a 10 minute walk around your neighborhood or complex does miracles.


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