I need some advise

I need some advise…
(First time here so not really sure how this works…)

For a little background, I have been dianosed with anxity and depression…

Right now they are kinda getting out of control…
I’ve told my parents and they don’t belive me…
Even my friends said there was a clear difference.

I’ve tried many different treatments but they havn’t worked.

If you have any suggestions I am open for ideas.

Easiest thing I can give you is this:
Try your best to do things that make you happy. At times it’s hard, I understand. But you need to continue doing what you enjoy when you can.
Whatever you do, don’t give up. It may sometimes feel like the only option, but it’s not. It may be easier, but trying to keep yourself together gives the better result.
Finally, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Even if that includes messaging someone, find people to talk to.
Stay strong, you are loved :slight_smile:

Hey. That sounds awful.

Reaching out like this is a great step.

We have a workbook on Depression. It can help you get to the root cause of it and start to feel better. I’ll send you one for free.

Email me at [email protected]