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I need someone 🙁


Hi everyone my name is Nick and this is my second day on this site. I mentioned yesterday that I felt alone and depressed because I have only a few friends and have no help. I also mentioned that I have bad trouble finding love which has been really tough on me. To those who commented and showed support, thank you so much it means the world to me! I’ve heard of this site since Thursday and Friday when I went to warped tour and I feel free talking about my trouble since I have nobody to talk to. I would recommend this site to anyone who is going through horrible trouble and depression. So anywho I have a big issue.
For the past few years I’ve been really been depressed about having true friends and finding a special someone that I can lean over whenever I’m sad and go do fun stuff with. Usually my favorite to do for fun is going to concerts because I love music and I love to experience how they’re live. The only times I’m happy are when I’m at concerts or hockey games but I’m tired of going alone. When I see couples or friends together, it makes me feel worthless and alone. I really need a big change and I’m tired of being depressed deep inside me. I need true friends and maybe a special someone to help me and make me see life again. I do really need help and I need a big hug.


Hi Nick!
Im so happy you find this place. It is amazing, has already been a HUGE support for me aswell.

A small question, have you considered counselling or medications? Im not sure how you think about those two, but in my experience they have been key instruments in my survival.
Another thing, I feel we have similar issues. I too wish, dream, long and NEED someone. I want to be that special someone for someone. Whether its a close friend or a partner. Im experiencing grief and heartbreak from an ended relationship recently. What I have been thinking about (and recommend you to consider) is to focus on yourself. I hate saying it because I hate being told to focus on myself. But it really has a point. If you change focal points from what you don’t have to working on what you have/improving yourself, you can be in controll of things. Instead of letting your happiness depend on others.

I don’t know if any of that made sense.
Perhaps you could join the discord, I can share more of my tips or ideas or just have a friendly chat there?

REMEMBER!! You are good enough. You are loved, don’t give in to your depression telling you otherwise.

Sending love and support


Hey, Nick, welcome to the site. I really hope you find some friends and solace here! I wanted to tell you, I really love concerts too! I have financial issues and all sorts of things that keep me from enjoying them but I found a lot of music streamers on Twitch which is how I found this site. I think it might be nice for you when you feel down cause there’s always people in chat. A lot of the Heart Support community are music streamers so it might be a cool way to get some friends at least long distance for now and help you build some positive emotions about yourself based on truths of who you are. Anyway, you can reach out to me any time.


Thank you for the replies you’ve said to me! You can always be my friend


Thank you so much! You’re welcome to be my friend


Hi Nick,

I’m new to HeartSupport as well. Just joined today after reading the wall for a while. I can totally empathize with feeling isolated and alone. I recently moved back home after finishing university in a big city. I’m from a really small rural town. It feels claustrophobic and lonely.

But just in this moment, when you’re feeling alone, think of how many kind, beautiful people are here on HeartSupport. These people exist in the world and they see so much value in you. I sure do. Thank you for sharing your struggle. Showing other people that they aren’t alone. Pain and struggle can be one of the most powerful, intimate things we can connect over.

Be gentle to yourself.


Thank you so much! I’ll try my best


Hey man! I just wanted to draw your attention to my post on your other thread in case you haven’t see it - it addresses the concern of meeting new people. I hope it helps! :slight_smile:


Hey! I just joined today and already feel the love, and I’m on the same page as you when it comes to finding new people. I have been lucky to find love, but not having many friends really hurts. You’re not alone! Glad you joined!


i’ve just started on heart support too. there’s been times where i feel like i’ve been where you are. for about 2 years i was drowning in depression and loneliness, that being said, we all love you and i’m currently sending you a virtual hug. i’ll gladly be your friend whenever you need one and even when you feel like you don’t. i hope this helped at least a little, i know there are others like me who will welcome you with open arms (God being the first in line).


I’m going to start by saying hi friend.
You can talk to me whenever. I’m always here for you. I’m honest is telling you the truth.

Secondly your worth isn’t with a special someone. And there are lots of blogs on here that help you with singleness. Its hard being single. I know it for sure. I also know what its like seeing couples. I lost the person who I thought wsd that someone. Looking for that person is hard.

Be yourself because are worthwhile. You are worthy of good things. And you have me your friend, and us.

Hold fast because we believe in you


@Metalrock7, i feel exactly as you do. I’ve always had trouble with friends, i got rejected, i never felt like i belonged, and i felt worthless. I love music too, and i hope maybe one day to sing in a rock band. To see your story, I feel not so alone, and like you’re the brother i never had.
You have friends here. Society doesn’t recognize you for the strong, beautiful person you are. Don’t let the fact that people aren’t your friends define who you are.
Take joy in who you are.
Stay strong.