I need to get off social media!

Ohh man… the past few days, I’ve had some really unpleasant interactions with strangers on various forms of social media. There’s just so much ignorance and hate out there!

I got banned from reddit for mentioning the wrong thing (I wasn’t supposed to talk about comments on Instagram!), then on Instagram, I somehow got into it for having the gall to suggest that it’s not legal to kill someone for damaging your vehicle (I wish I were joking!)

There were some other negative ones too and I’m just done. I think it’s time to take a break for my sanity.

Anyway, anybody want to talk?


Hey there @Benderstar :wave:t2:

It’s really disappointing to hear of the negative experience you’ve had on social media recently. It’s really frustrating when interactions with strangers become fuelled with ignorance and hate. Reddit & Instagram, like many other social media platforms are sadly breeding ground for negativity.

Getting banned for a seemingly minor inconvenience is a low blow in my opinion. It’s really sad that I’m this day and age, you cannot express your opinion online without fuelling comflict. However, it is important to pick the debates you get into wisely, as some of them get taken way too far and can get heated very quickly. Online spaces are complex to navigate in general, but where debates are allowed it’s even more complex.

A social media break seems like a wise decision. A detox from social media will allow you to put yourself first and focus on self-care. Stepping back allows you to reevaluate and regain perspective, ensuring you don’t become overwhelmed by the negativity.

It’s important you feel validated. Engaging online can be emotionally draining. The fact you realise it’s time to take a break is courageous and shows strength. Try to find activities offline that bring joy into your life, as we often turn to online spaces for joy, where it lacks in other aspects of life.

It’s important to remember that not all communities are bad. Most communities, like this one, will welcome you with open arms. However before you start engaging in spaces online again, I recommend setting yourself some helpful boundaries.

Take this break as a good opportunity to rest, recouperate, recharge and look after yourself. Try not to let the online world cloud your opinion or perspective of the real world :orange_heart:

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Hey thanks for that. I know it’s not a huge deal in the big scheme of things, but it put me in a bad mood.

I think you’re absolutely right about using the time to step back and rest. I’ve been so busy lately, and my damn phone has eaten up a bunch of my free time. I realize the irony of saying that, seeing as how I’m on my phone right now!

I’m so glad there’s still some kindness out there. It just feels like the negativity gets amplified.

Have yourself a good night