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I needed to see this today.

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Hey friend, thank you so much for commenting. It’s good to hear that this content has been encouraging to you. There something so powerful in the possibility to relate and to feel like our emotions, our experiences, have been echoed through the voice of someone else. It’s like having this safe, reassuring mirror in front of us that helps to be reminded that we are not alone. Because no matter what you’re going through, or why you needed this when you posted, you are definitely not alone. Your voice is heard, you are seen, and you matter so very much. If you would like to share about what has brought you to feel like you needed this encouragement today, please feel free to share. I’d love to hear about you, your story, and just how life has been treating you lately. And at Heartsupport there’s an entire community willing to listen and support you as well. Sending virtual hugs and friendly thoughts your way today. <3

Yeah - honestly sometimes giving permission to our own rage allows for us to move through things we would normally feel stuck in. I feel like a lot of the times I’ve associated anger with being “Wrong”. Like I “shouldn’t” feel angry about X or Y. But when I try to suppress it, I often have those feelings go underground and cause negative outcomes in other areas of my life. I cope in unhealthy ways. I get stressed and lash out at people I love. But if I face the anger, let myself feel it, let it move through me…it ends up being a lot healthier - and honestly, just accepting of myself and where I’m at. Which feels healthy too. Glad this hit you at the right time, and glad that it gave you something you needed.