I officially hate my parents

My mom was my abuser she abused me for years. That’s another story I will not talk about.

I am out trying to take care of things and when I am about to pull up at home I see a text from my sister livid and it was about our dad, of course. She’s upset because he just came out of nowhere yelling at my sister about the kitchen being dirty just because she was cooking. The kitchen wasn’t even dirty to being with there were only a few dishes in the sink and she cleaned it up when I got home I see that she’s putside holding a knife, I got scared.

This isn’t the first time my dad did something like this back in 2012 he did the same thing but it was because she was cleaning our bathtub with a sponge and it ended up getting physical, he slapped her multiple times. I ended up calling the police.

I was afraid but I was afraid of what my sister would do to him. We are both fed up with his abusive ways and just finding anything as an excuse to pick a fight with us.

My dad has been doing this for years, treating me and my sister this way. I plan on finally moving out and I am cutting contact with him and later down the road I will not be taking care of my dad, he doesn’t deserve it after treating me and sister like fucking dogs.


Your parents sound so challenging, and it sounds like you and your sister have had to be so strong. I’m sorry you’ve had so much abuse to deal with. :broken_heart:

It’s totally understandable that you’d feel scared and angry. Moving out and cutting contact from your dad sounds like a beneficial decision. You don’t deserve to have toxic people in your life. You deserve to be with people who help you feel psychologically safe and loved.

I hope you and your sister are able to get away from your abusive parents. I hope you two can heal together. I hope you find the support you deserve. How can HeartSupport best help you out? :heart:


Just by listening, support was all I needed.

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maybe you and your sister should pack clothing and water, and run away. those living conditions are probably better than living with abusive paretns. I don’t know what having abusive parents is like, but I understand.

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