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I realize toxic side of masculinity!

I’m going be 30 man in December and I kept my virginity. Well there a lot reason why I have my V- card and some of it my fault lol. However, I have been watching video on this youtube called Drlove. I found of men struggle of being virgins. Here the guy talk how people put these standards in our society of we should act. That being a virgin is unmanly and you not girl like virgin, which in his response is bullshit. The way this guy a talk about, gave me more self respect and values. The things you s, break down these stupid that men out of each other, especially when came sex, and we treat women. My favor part of the video he said “ losing you virginity it something you give.”

Now I want make something clear, I’m not anti sex, I think people should those sex relationship as long we treat each with respect and not a game. Our bodies belong to us,whatever want to express our sexuality, change our bodies to suit our genre or keep or give away our virginity. As treat people with respect and love that all matters.

To be honest, I’m done this Marco guy bullshit, toxic masculinity not only hurt women or other, but it hurt men. Saying you can’t cry, you can’t be gay, you can’t be sensitive or you gotta be tough and handle your problem and do manly stuff. Because you really think about, being actually man, is accept you are and being afraid you are.

It take a man to treat people with respect, to be open mind about people religion, race, genre, sexuality and disability, to be sensitive and care for other. Their not much different between men and women, I think are force inspired change and grow.

Maybe some day, we think that because, instead being afraid of loneliness, can embrace discovery that choose to live the life how we want. Free!


Hi thank you for sharing that. I don’t think what you feel is wrong, infact more men should be doing the same. Being able to give your virginity to the one soulmate/ love of your life is a great boon that many people can only imagine of. I appreciate your strong mind



Thank you for sharing. I am 27, still a virgin. I do want to marry a woman who I want to love, and have sex with her only. It is sad a lot treat sex like a competition. An award. Fast food. That is not the way. Real masculinity is that you care the ones around you. Being a good example to them. Taking ownership the mistakes you made. Growing. Honest, transparent, and admitting, you don’t have the answers. Learn and listen. It’s okay to be vulnerable. It is one of your greatest strengths. Don’t let the lies of the world get to you. Stay true to yourself. God loves you. This community loves you. I love you.