I really dont know what to do in my situation

Im hurt and i dont know how to talk with people around me , by sharing my feelings i feel weak !
this is the only thing that will help me so i try …

I have my son Thomas and hes 1 year this month , im going to be away 6 months from hes life to work and get money ! i have never missed a day in hes life and in less that 30 days im going away from him.
Its not only my son but my wife , i love them and im so hurt but i know this will be better in the long run… i have a past of drug use and im 4 years clean ! i hope i dont go that path again but im scared … i dont know how i will be going thru this :confused: …beeing up late every night crying …
am i making the right choice ? am i doing this wrong ? what do i do ???


Has hard as it is, sharing your feelings doesn’t make you week.
It sounds like you are doing the best you can and what you have to do to support your son and your wife. It’s quite a brave thing to do, but I am sure it is not even remotely easy or nice to be away from them for so long.

Know that whenever you are having a rough time, this community is here for you.

Have faith that this will work out and stay strong.


Believe in yourself, and take care of yourself. Taking care of yourself will help your son and your wife when they need you. And they always need you.
I know you’re scared, and that’s okay. It’s okay to be scared, and to face your feelings and let them out. I think you’re brave for being honest and open on here. We won’t judge you, never.
You do what you feel is right.
I know you are strong, find your hope and pride. I have faith in you. Talk and say whatever you want whenever you want. We will be here to help you.