I really want to write what im going through but i

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I really want to write what I’m going through but I just don’t know where to start or how to say it… all I know, I’m out of energy, drained, alone, isolated, and just can’t seem to get back up this time around…
But on another note
I really want your take on Alice in Chain - Down in a Hole ( note; the MTV unplugged version he is on a serious heroin comedown, wich makes it one of Layne Staley’s best performance )


I think that the first step is definitely the desire to want to share. Which is awesome that you are doing it, and trying to do so here. It okay to just start wherever you feel comfortable, and with whatever you feel comfortable/are ready to let out. Are you getting enough rest, eating well, and keeping a routine? I have found that checking these things can be very helpful for me. Missing one of them can be detrimental in my mental. I hope you can find the courage to share more, and more. Feel free to do so if you ever want/need.<3

Thank you for reaching out here, friend. Somehow, you’ve successfully opened up about how life has been for you lately, and how you’ve been feeling. It may not be as you wanted, or by using words that would feel right at the moment. But you are still painting a picture on how things have been for you, and it means a lot that you’ve been willing to share it here. Opening up in itself can be awfully intimidating and overwhelming, especially when it feels like we’ve already hit rock bottom and are completely out of energy. Sharing our vulnerable feels like yet another step that requires efforts. So once again thank you for trying here. Sometimes we don’t need a lot of words to express things. Sometimes it’s all about saying “I need support”, or “I’m not okay”, and it’s others job to help facilitate that conversation. <3

I hear how exhausted and drained you’ve been feeling, and I’m so very sorry that life has been so hard on you lately. I don’t know what your precise context is at the moment, but for what it’s worth I’ve certainly known times in my life when I’ve felt the way you do. When I felt as if nothing and no one could anymore because i would be too deep into some dark pit, alone with my own struggles. It’s so hard when it feels like somehow you are stuck, helpless, and don’t know anymore what could be the next step to take. It feels as if everything has become a priority, while feeling like there’s no energy left to do anything at the same time. that life has just become too much and your soul needs a freaking break. Away from the stress of life, away from the struggles you have to face, even away from your own mind sometimes and the thoughts that are encouraging you to see everything through a dark light.

I hope with all my heart that this season will come to an end for you soon and lead to brighter perspectives. That you’ll find your way through this rough time, that you’ll feel supported while progressing through it, that you’ll feel energized again. If anything, you are absolutely welcome here to share - if or when you would feel ready - about the things in your life that have been making you feel so drained. We have a welcoming and supportive community who’s always ready to listen and send words of encouragement when they are needed. No pressure though, and it’s okay if that is not something you’re comfortable with. Through all of this, know that you are not alone and you don’t have to carry everything on your own. We care. We are in this with you.