I spent money for no good reason

I get so frustrated and stressed over finances! I just paid off my undergrad student debt, and now I’m in a master’s program at a city university while working full-time to avoid getting into more debt. My parents are kindly helping me pay for my tuition. And I try not to spend money impulsively. But, in hindsight, I really do spend more than necessary, and little things get to me. Like, I just purchased a medication that I’m now realizing I could have gotten for half the price using GoodRx. It’s too late. And I feel guilty and angry for seemingly wasting money. Tsk tsk.


I can relate. I’ve made a lot of purchases that could have been better and kicked myself for it. Food that ends up going bad, things that are cheaper elsewhere, meds (or just about anything else) that I didn’t look up coupons for. But then, when I buy better next time, I get a little feeling of victory :smiley: You’ve got this!


Hi @antigonerex!

Don’t beat yourself up to hard about it, first let’s just break it down a bit to get some perspective. First of all you’ve already paid off your undergrad debt, that’s great work! And speaking of work, you’re not only studying but also working full time to support yourself through your studies and to reduce the amount you have to loan.

Lastly, it’s a loan you’re taking yes. But don’t look at it that way, look at it as an investment in yourself and your future. Taking a loan to study is the best loan you’re ever going to take- and even if it gets you in a bit of debt as of now. When you’re done studying you will get a good job with a good salary so that you can make a good payment plan!

So, getting to the part where you bought medication. It wasn’t candy, electronics, games, drugs, or other unnecessary things you bought. It was medication, that you were in need of. Sure, this time it got a bit more expensive than it had to be, but it was still something you needed so never feel bad about that!

In my eyes, you’ve more than got your stuff together and there is no need to feel bad. We all have some buyers regret at times! :slight_smile:


Mmm I love your response. Alas, I didn’t need it. It was a medication to reduce an unpleasantness, kind of like when taking Advil.

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