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I started two businesses

Ever since I made changes to my personal life and lifestyle I started two business one for sound therapy the other for nutrition and healthy living. I want to help people to be healthy, be fit and to be balanced. I hope I can help whoever wants to make their lives better, you can’t buy your health no matter how rich you are. The people with the worst health are the wealthiest.


Congrats for your progress @ranma1983! It sounds that you know your personal goals and how you want to invest your time in this world! If I may ask, what’s sound therapy?

Wishing you all the best for your projects!

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Sound Therapy is the use of sound to heal people. Its used in relaxation, sleep, medical and spiritual purposes. I use Tuning Forks, Sound Bowls and Relaxation music. Ty so much for your kind words.

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Oh, I see! I only heard about sound bowls before. Probably going to nerd out a little - it piqued my curiosity. 8)

Thank you for taking the time to explain! Appreciate that. Have a great day Ranma.

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You’re most welcome and ty