I struggled and still do with depresion for over 1

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Belongs to: Melissa Cross and Therapist react to Sound of Silence by Disturbed
I struggled (and still do) with depresion for over 10 years. All my 20’s. Should be the best time of my life, but it was worst. I was even afraid of asking for help, falling into darker and darker place every day, always down, never up. Burned every and all bridges, close myself down for everyone and everything. Funny thing is - I hated it, I hated it so much, but could do any diffrent. In a way, the only thing I hated more than beeing lonely was myself. Didn’t think about myself as someone worth having firends and beeing happy. The only thing that kept my afloat, kept me literally alive, was music. The only thing I felt undestand me. These artists, people who I never met and will never met felt closer to me, than even my own family. And one of those bands was Disturbed. This song is so personal. David, Dan, Mike, John - thank you. If it wasn’t for you and other artists I might not have opportunity to write this, honestly.

Hi @HeartSupport_Fans,

Music is a healthy coping mechanism whenever you feel depress. I can totally relate to your post with depression. Depression was the hardest battle of my life due to a mental disorder. If you feel depress, I would recommend to see a therapist if you want to. There is no pressure and I don’t force others to go to therapy.

I’m super proud of you sharing your struggles. It must have been hard for you to face a long time. A lot of people say 20’s is a rough period for adulthood. You are trying to be independent adult. Age is just a number and it doesn’t prevent to stop doing what you enjoy. I don’t think you are a horrible person. I feel like you have low-self esteem and that’s why you are depress. You sound like a wonderful person to be friends with. Just remind yourself to be positive even if life is rough.

Depression can feel so overwhelming. The isolation, the loneliness. I definitely get the feeling of the right song coming on and helping to let some of those emotions out. heartsupport — Mozilla Firefox - I struggled and still do with depresion for over 1 - Social Media / Support - YouTube - heartsupport — Mozilla Firefox - 1 April 2024 | Loom