I suffer from a Traumatic brain injury suffer from a traumatic brain injury

Hello everyone I am 37 years old and I suffer from a Traumatic brain injury. When I was 24 years old I got into a catastrophic car accident which led me in a coma for almost 4 months on the way to the hospital I died six times I suffered a collapsed long punctured spleen punctured bladder bleeding in the brain broken ribs broken pelvis Broken hips broken leg and also a broken clavicle i also jacked up my back I’m in pain every day which totally sucks I also have very bad nerve damage which affects my sciatica nerve. So I’m going to start off with this when I was nine years old my dad was in a horrible car accident and he also suffers from a Traumatic brain injury I’m gonna to try to keep this short and sweet and not get too much into detail. Please Can someone please help me out? Does anyone know anyone in my position where their father suffered a Traumatic brain injury when they were a child then later on in life they suffer for a Traumatic brain injury? I really need some help on this because I feel alone. I have therapy I see a psychologist twice a week and psychiatrist once a week. It would be greatly appreciated if someone could help me out. I hope someone out there can help me. Thank You Everyone



I’m so sorry you had this accident, friend… It happened more than ten years ago but you’ve been really strong despite the hardships you’ve been facing. I’ve never been in such a situation nor in any accident like that. So I can only imagine how it feels, especially when this is something someone in your family had already been through.

You said you’re having therapy, which is really good to hear. Those were major traumatic moments in your life and being helped by professionals can be welcomed.

Also most of us in this community might not be able to understand how it feels to be in this situation precisely, but many of us certainly felt how you feel, for different reasons. This feeling of being isolated and alone because of something you never asked for yet shaped your life deeply… I’ve been there too, because of some traumatic events in my life. And I understand how difficult it is to be in that position. Feeling alone when you’re already vulnerable adds more pain to a difficult situation. Reaching out just like you did by posting this message is definitely a huge step. Such as therapy. So know that you are not alone friend. This community is definitely a place where you can be supported through the obstacles of life.

You described what happened and your need to talk to someone who’s been through the same. Do you want to share about how this situation makes you feel? How you handle this in your daily life? It’s okay if you don’t want to - no obligation at all. Just know that you can always do it here if you ever need to talk. And there will always be someone willing to listen and share about common experiences or feelings. :heart:

Sending much love your way.


Hi @Drummerne1. I’m so sorry that you were in such a terrible accident and I’m sorry to see you’re still having so much trouble with after effects from it.

I just wanted to let you know that you aren’t alone, even if the circumstances aren’t quite the same. I was in an accident in 2012, it wasn’t anything major at all and I didn’t end up having anywhere near the same extent of injuries as you, but I did have a pretty bad TBI that wasn’t diagnosed until six months later. I have problems because of it til this day, and most of the people around me don’t understand how it affects me, so I kinda just get ignored when I say something is affecting me in a negative way. I’ve had to learn ways around it.

I want to echo what Micro said. You’ve been very strong to be facing these hardships. It’s good that you are going to see therapists about how you are being affected by this. Also, if you want to talk more about what you’ve been through and how you feel about things, we are here to listen. You aren’t alone.

~Daisy :hearts:

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I hope you are doing better and I pray you recover from your brain injury my friend.