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I suffer with Bipolar 2 . I feel like I am not cut out for this world

I feel like I want to die. I have had bipolar 2 all my life and have gotten help, put on meds and STILL have not gotten any better. In fact I feel worse. I read all the crap going on in this world, animal abuse ,
People hating each other over political differences, religious conflict (Islam hates all who are not Islamic), domestic violence , people confused about their gender identities, low wages, high cost of living…I could go on but I believe you get the idea. I feel like this world is filled with too much hate . It’s disheartening for me to wake up every day turn on my TV watch the news. Society seems to take advantage of everything and everyone and has become extremely selfish . There’s so much more but it’s hard to put it all in one paragraph . I just feel like I’m not cut out for this fucking world and all the insanity that’s in it . I have a really big heart and it’s been crushed so many times I can’t even tell you . And the older I get the more I feel humanity is just gone into the toilet bowl . Thanks for letting me share this thanks for reading it I’m very depressed and I don’t wanna live anymore

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Hey @Celestial,

Thanks for coming here. I’m glad you edited your post so this community can be here for you. :heart:

First of all: just turn off your TV. Use it to watch movies, series you enjoy, or to hear some music! But you don’t need to watch the news everyday. You don’t even have to watch it at all. There’s no obligation to be informed about what’s going on in the world, especially when it’s through medias that runs after the most depressing/shocking/violent news possible.

You can actually choose your sources of information. You can select them wisely. For example: are there any hobbies you enjoy? If yes, then there’s probably a specialized press with magazines, online websites or communities that talk about this topic. News tend to make me anxious too and/or depressed. And I know when I have to take a step back from it and stop reading it until I can do it again. So instead I read news about video games, astronomy, cinema because these are things I personnally appreciate. I get back to reading some books. I also use social medias to get inspired by others, such as talented artists, and only this! Anyway, I try to dedicate this time to something different. Something that brings me positive or soothing feelings.

There are also “good news” websites where you can find the opposite of mainstream medias. Because yes, there are horrible things that happen in this world every minute. But when we watch the news, we end in being trapped in a certain vision of the world that doesn’t necessarily reflect the reality. There are also positive things that happen every minute, inspiring stories, joyful events. Surround yourself with this kind of news! You don’t need to force yourself to watch and hear about horrible things everyday. There’s no human on this earth who could handle this everyday, everytime, during an entire life. Especially if we feel vulnerable already.

About bipolar: I hear you, you’re already having a medication. But I’d like to encourage you to keep trying. If you didn’t already talked with your doctor about the fact that it makes you feel worse, then it could be worth to do it. It’s possible that something has to be changed in your medication. But also maybe it’s still a matter of time. I know it’s hard when you want to see the results immediately because it feels like you can’t handle this anymore. But be gentle with yourself, friend. Keep focusing on going on day by day. Sometimes looking at the big picture makes us feel worse and anxious. It’s the same thing about the news on TV. Just focus on the present. On what you’re doing where YOU live. On what you feel, in your mind but also your body. Try to slow down those thoughts. You feel really vulnerable right now. And I’m sorry about that. But you’re gonna be okay. :heart:

Sending much love to you. :heart: