I thi k i have borderline personality but when i a

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I thi k I have borderline personality but when I asked for help and told this my my mental health nurse she was more focused on changing everything I was saying so I couldn’t tell her everything I was feeling and she shut me down said she more focused on getting me comfortable with my emotions rather than basically finding the reson for them and I was terrified for years to ask for the help and thats the result now I feel trapped and terrified one cos idk how ima get the help I want 2 if I’m right ik how dangerous bpd can be and idk if or when ima hurt or kills sm1 either me or sm1 else with it cos ik its a chance and idk what to do anymore sm1 please help me please

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Your fears are understandable my friend. You will get through this. You are not alone. Here’s a voice reply to you: I thi k i have borderline personality but when i a - Social Media / Support - YouTube - heartsupport - 17 June 2024 | Loom

@HeartSupport hi thank you for reaching out im unsure how to reply to you there but I dknt think I’d try again with her she completely shut me down challenging the symptoms I was saying like well instead of doing that cant you do this and I told her I think I’d benefit from a therapist and again was shutdown she said she’s a mental health asesor and can’t diagnos me nor will I see her evry week but kike I didnt ask her for any of tht I asked for a therapist she did give me a print out of something I can refer my self to but it’s a group thing and she knows I don’t like groups I told her I write music and she didn’t even ask to see it knowing it was about how I feel she challenged and asked basic questions so much I couldn’t say evrything of how I was feeling and thinking and wasn’t really concerning and tho she didn’t say it sound like it but I cant diagnose you she also didn’t say it doesn’t sound like it but I cant diagnose you and I dont know another way of getting a therapist and that’s why I feel trapped but I’ve already had the huge to hurt people I’ve had suicidal thoughts I’ve had murder thoughts to