I think of dying every day. Even good days

I think of dying so much it feels like a memory.

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I am sorry to hear that you are struggling with suicidal thoughts. Life is hard. It can be such a struggle. I totally empathize with that. Know that you aren’t the only one struggling. There are so many people who deal with the same kind of pain you do. Take heart in the fact that you aren’t alone in the struggle.

If you need anyone to listen, we are here for you. Keep holding on. You are loved and heard here.

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I’m sorry friend. I know what it’s like to think of suicide and dying on a daily basis. You’re not alone. Keep fighting. Reach out - you’re loved. Your life is worth fighting for.

Hold fast

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Hey @RevelationSIX,

I’m so sorry to hear about the thoughts that you’re battling. You’re not alone in this fight. We’re here for you and we want to see you beat this. You’re strong - Remember that. You’ll get through this; it might take some time, but you WILL get through this. Keep speaking that over yourself. Please keep reaching out. You’re loved!