I think way, way too much

I overthink, constantly and all of the time, to the point where the thinking is what occupies my time when, really, I could be actually doing something about what I’m thinking about. Hell it’s almost 4am over here, and I’m just thinking. I wish I could stop.

I have way too much work to do in such a short period of time, and I missed a deadline for something I could probably fix if I just emailed somebody. Yet almost 2 weeks later I haven’t, because my brain will overload itself with “But what if you can’t fix it? This was your fault for being irresponsible. Moreover what if they think you’re stupid for this?” But! I know that they’re just thoughts! It’ll probably be fine!! But I still don’t do anything!!! It drives me mad!!! I’ve very evidently gotten so much work done when I just stop thinking, but it’s so hard to… There’s so much to do and I’m not sure I can do it all because I’m quite literally frozen by the fear in me. It’s frustrating.



I am glad that you open to us,for what you are suffering. And I can say that you arent alone in this, there are so many people that overthink and know how hard is to feel that way, I am one of them.

There have been so many times that I have overthink about my past, about the things I have or I havent done and is an horrible feeling and even people say to stop overthinking, is difficult to do it.

My advice would be, that when you start to overthinking, try to think about somenthing that make you happy or try to do something that you know that will make you think less.

You dont deserve to be suffering like this, so I hope that you find a way that can help you to overthink less. Because you are more than what your mind is trying to tell you.

I heard in a YouTube video, that if your mind cant hurt you, no one of the outside will hurt you.

Stay strong and take care :heart: