I thinking about the psych ward

I really feel like im going to hurt myself soon. Im thinking about going back to the psych ward for a longer period of time. But the first time i went, i was forced by my counselor and i don’t think my parents would understand or let me back there again. I don’t know, i just feel like i care less about myself. I know people care about me, and i have someone special in my life who i know loves me. But im just scared of myself and i don’t want to hurt them, thats why i want to be admitted to a psych ward.

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Those are definitely difficult feelings to be working through. Do you have a therapist you regularly see that you can talk through things in difficult moments like this? Thanks for posting we all care about you!

I applaud you for considering that option. Here they call it “Stress Management Unit,” and I have been checked in 3 times. Twice I voluntarily checked myself in. One was for suicidal thoughts. I also (although 29 years old, a mother myself, and living alone with my children) stressed that my parents would disapprove. And they did, BUT I rather they disapprove and I check myself in rather than take my life and have them attend my funeral. So do not worry about how others feel. Take charge of your care and fight on.

Hey @Amaris,

It’s been a moment since you posted, but I wanted to echo our friends here by saying that this is a really brave decision. You know yourself, you are aware of those signs that may be saying that you need some extra help, and that is 100% okay. Your health and your safety are a priority, even if your parents wouldn’t approve or understand. The very fact that you can also make decisions for yourself and reach out when you need it is a strength that you have. How others around you react would be their responsibility, not yours. Your responsability and your priority here is to take care of yourself. We’re proud of you here.

I don’t know if you made this step since you posted, but I hope that you keep taking good care of yourself. You deserve the best, especially when you go through a tough season. :hrtlegolove:

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