I understand now

My journey of getting better has been long, and there’s been a lot of ups and downs. It hasn’t been a straight path- that’s just not how getting better looks. It’s more like mountains.

I’m starting to understand a lot. Like all the times that I said I hated myself, or I was worthless, I had no value. Those are all just lies and simply not true; I don’t hate myself. Anymore at least. I will joke about it, but I don’t hate myself anymore.

I see people now, who believe that because they help people, they can’t need help themselves. That’s just not true. It makes me mad, not at the people who believe that lie, just that our minds can have so much control. That our minds can be so manipulative and these thoughts grip so hard that it makes us think these lies are truths.

These words I say may not mean anything right now, or they may mean something. They may help in this moment but not help later. But these are truths, whether you believe them now or not.

You are not a burden. No matter how much you feel it, you are not a burden. Especially in this community. Sometimes I think I’m annoying my friends when I talk about my problems, but that’s far from the truth. They care. You are NOT a burden.

You are important. Want to know why? The go to always answer? Because you have breath in your lungs. That’s it. There’s no refuting it. It is the truth. It will always be the truth. You are important, and no one is any more or any less important. All of us reading this are breathing, so all of us are important.

You are not worthless. You have so much value. Whatever you make, whatever you do, your hobbies, your words, your presence. It all has meaning. So. Much.

You deserve a break. Just like everyone else. All the people you are helping- you deserve the help you give.

You can’t pour from an empty cup.

You need to take care of you, before others. It’s not meant for you to burn yourself out, and then fall even farther down the rut you may be in.

I know this. Because I’ve been through this. It’s been such a long road, I still have my bad days. But this is all worth it.

I know this friends, because I too have been there.

Your stories of triumphs and struggles are never taken for granted. They are all so so important.


Hey Lyss!

Thank you so much for sharing such wonderful encouragement. You are so right. I am so happy to hear about the growth you have experienced on your own journey!! You are so strong! Love you friend!

Hold Fast,
Hannah Rhodes



Not only you are seeing the bright side, but you are loving yourself. Thank you for being an amazing member of this community.

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Thank you for posting this! I really needed something like this :heart: I haven’t been feeling like myself and I have been feeling unloved. Those feelings sprouted into thoughts of “I’m not good enough” “I don’t matter” etc.
This has made me feel better about myself and whenever I feel low, I’m honestly going to refer to this post

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