I’ve been having this nightmare

I’ve been having this nightmare for the last few weeks an it keeps getting bad, The nightmare is about a month ago when i found out that my bird past away an i’m starting to feel like it’s my fault from the bird passing away. This nightmare has caused me to wake up crying and shaking really badly it’s also making me scared of sleeping.



I am really sorry to hear about the nightmares. I know they can suck. I have had my own about things in my own life.

One thing that helps me is watching a funny tv show before bed or reading a good book. Just something to get my mind off of the fear for a bit before going to sleep. It also gives me something else to think about so that my sleep will be more peaceful.

Do you have a therapist? I know some therapists do help with nightmares of those kind and can help you navigate how to get a better night’s rest. I know a guy who did that for himself and he was able to get his nightmares to stop. It may not go away overnight (literally), but I know that this is only a season and it won’t last forever.

Hold fast. Keep us updated on how you are doing. We believe in you


No i don’t have an therapist i’m an bit to scared to get one right now.

What scares you about it?

what scares me is they will tell things to my parents which i don’t need bc i already have to many problems with my parents an me hiding things from them and i don’t really trust them well.


I am sorry about your bird. I wonder if this is a favorite pet because if you’re really attached to your bird and he or she is gone now, perhaps the loss triggered these nightmares.
I have a lot of trouble sleeping, so I’ve kind of got a ritual, a sleep ritual that I do that helps me … get into a calm place before I go to bed. I would suggest a sleep ritual for you. I lower the lights, and turn on my tv to youtube black screen rain sounds, and I use essential oils to make my room smell nice. I do a little stretching to and kind of ease into the night. It’s helped. My nightmares used to be really scary, so I understand being the fear, but sleeping is REQUIRED, and if you don’t get enough, you’ll suffer all kinds of really negative side effects.
If this bird was your pet, perhaps you need some time to grieve over his or her loss. I have had pets, dogs, that were as close to me as any human, but we can be dismissive of our grief when it is a pet. If not, perhaps another association that you’re unaware of has triggered these nightmares.
Try to think of good things and beautiful things before bed. Peace :heart:


This bird i had was my emotional support bird so i was really attached to her, I did get an new bird so i might help me an little bit.

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