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I’ve been trying really hard

I’ve been struggling my whole life with depression and anxiety. Most days I bury it deep in the back of my mind and try to pretend it’s not the core of who I am but lately it’s been pushing itself to the forefront. My life is falling apart and it just keeps getting worse and worse. I hate my job, I hate where I live, and for once I wish someone could understand me. I feel like when I finally let someone in, it backfires and they’re like, oh just kidding. I’m going to pass on being friends or loving you. It’s been getting really bad this past week and I’ve had such bad anxiety that I feel like I’m physically making myself sick. How do you live in a world where you feel like you won’t ever belong? I’m so tired of fighting my demons every single day. I’m exhausted and i don’t want to end my life but there are days where I imagine what it would be like for my brain to just stop. And the more I think about it, the more appealing it sounds. I’m just so lost right now and I don’t want to feel this way anymore. I’m really nervous to post on here but I feel like I have no other options anymore. I just need help.

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trust me it will be ok

I can help you. We can be friends. Maybe we can create a safe space together. Something you like, even when you don’t like, or even hate, anything else. You’re not just your anxiety. You’re more than that, I know that.

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I would really love this.