I’ve HAD ENOUGH of THIS GIRL. I am done with being nice to that little nit wit. She’s a bully to me!

I can’t take it anymore. She’s a huge bully to me. She humiliated me so god dang much.

She’s such an idiot to me. She may not have anymore friends because she has been such a bully to me, and probably some other people.

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And she’s a fat liar :lying_face:

Is this someone from school? Does she treat others like that or is she just singling you out? I hope you’re able to talk to a teacher or someone about this

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Hey Katelynn,

I’m terribly sorry that you’ve been bullied by someone to the point that it’s made you angry.

Bullies suck and often make our day-to-day experience miserable. They make us look over our shoulder and question who we are as individuals.

They can make certain parts of our lives incredibly difficult and even fill events with trauma and triggering episodes of anxiety…

Though, it’s also important to remember that all bullies are bullied themselves.

Bullying is a type of behavior that results of that person going through similar experiences as they are making you go through. Instead of dealing with it the right way, they take the energy of being bullied and transfer that onto others.

If that is indeed the case, approach this bully with love and understanding. They can’t hurt you when all you do is show them love and understanding.

And if they do continue to hurt you past that, it’s important to keep in mind that in a few years time your life will be far better than they could ever imagine their own life to be. Plus, if they continue treating you like crap despite approaching them this way, other people will see how they treat you and they automatically become the VERY apparent asshole.

Sometimes a bully can be jealous of some sort of trait or aspect of you and instead of respecting you for that, they hate you for that.

I hope this helps a little bit. Keep your head up, friend!

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OHHH, I told on her alright.:rage:

You’re right, but I don’t want to start hurting myself again.:sob:

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What others say does not determine your value.
A bully is a bully, whatever they say doesn’t matter. You should try to remind yourself that whatever she says is her opinion. That is what she thinks.
you don’t have to agree with her or start believing her.

So try to let it go in one ear, and out the next. Don’t hold on to it. Just let it go

Sorry, but I don’t agree with that. I’ve been bullied so much that I’ve started hurting myself when I was in elementary and middle school.

And my counselor is going to have a STERN talk with her.

when I was in my teenage years or thereabouts, I heard this quote (possibly not by the Buddha, but hey, it’s the common source listed), and it was pretty life-changing for me. who knows, maybe it will resonate with you.

You didn’t cause or deserve the bullying. But you are trying to cope by SH yourself. You aren’t hurting the bully, or even teaching them a lesson. I am truly sorry that you are in this position, and I do hope that you can work with someone to help you learn how to cope and manage these feelings.


Thats really good to hear you contacted your counsellor about it, i hope that she will understand how her words and actions have impacted you and others

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YOU should be YOUR top priority no matter what.

Stay strong through this!

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You are loved, katelynn! :heart: