I wanna hurt something

I wanna hurt something so badly. I don’t want to end up hospitalized for days again for harming myself. My head is burning inside.


Hey there, welcome to heartsupport.

Do you wanna tell me about it?

I’ll listen if you’d like.

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I know what your talking about, do you have something like a sport or something that you like? I find it helpful to spike a volleyball of throw a ball

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Welcome to Heart Support, Brian137

A burning feeling in your head must be unpleasant. I hope you have already found relief for it, but if not, I hope it disappears soon.

There are alternatives to hurting yourself and Heart Support also has an expansive list of resources if the thoughts are too compelling. Like @Alex08 says, physical activity is a good way to get energy out and feel good afterwards. Squeezing a putty or a stress ball can be another outlet.

Of course, if the feeling inside your head is caused by something like anger or frustration, here is a place to talk about it, if you feel comfortable doing so.

Here for you,

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Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

I want to say, sorry to hear your head is burning. I can imagine that feel unpleasant.

If you feel like hurting please seek help dont be afraid to express.
You can yell outloud, if you want to hurt something try
-punching a pillow something active to release some stress,
-grab a pot and a wooden spoon play it as a drum to release the dopamine
-Rubber band on your wrist and a reflection of not hurting yourself.

There are resources you can text someone as well if you are in need to express how you are feeling.

741741 to reach Crisis Text line
800-273-8255 prevention lifeline

Heart support is here for you for support.

Please call anyone if you feel lonely
You are not a burden to anyone
Dont be afraid to reach out to others.

One day at a time

Hey @Brian137,

Well done for posting here when you needed it - really. It takes a lot of strength to respond to an urge by coming to a place like this and share how you’ve been feeling instead. That alone speaks a lot about your resilience and your ability to make good decisions for yourself. You are enabling time and space between the moment you feel this urge and the time you take action. Which may not feel important or worth to be acknowledged, although all the time spent not responding to the urge is progress and a step forward - even if it has to start with a minute. <3

I hope wholeheartedly that since you posted the urge has faded away, and you could eventually feel a little more at peace. It’s hard to feel like we’re in control when it seems that our entire body and mind is taken over by one urgent need, and that if you don’t succumb to it you would only feel worse.

If you would like to share further about what you’ve been through or what activated those feelings before you posted, we’d love to listen and sit by your side as you do. You are not alone, friend. Sending plenty of hugs your way. <3

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Hi Brian welcome to the community
I am so sorry to hear that you are going through such a hard time it takes great strength to post how you feeling and I commend you for that, If you want to talk about it we are here but instead of harming yourself when you are angry or sad take it out on something else hit a pillow or just yell. If that not helping talk to us, a loved one, or a crisis helpline maybe you should look into a therapist they have great ways to prevent self-harm. You will get better
Crisis Text Line- Texting
1800-668-6868- Calling