I want to be 60lbs

i starve my self and i want to be 60lbs:broken_heart:

I’m so sorry your going through so much right now. I think to be as mentally strong as possible it also means keeping your body as strong and healthy as possible.

hey @claradunn
this isn’t health for you . Being 60 lbs IS NOT healthy . Also starving yourself IS NOT healthy and i don’t know if you purge but doing that IS NOT healthy. I dont know how this is going to sound but i would seek out to see a professional to see how they could help you.

So theres something i like to tell you , i somewhat struggle with that to for me i dont have an ideal weight i dont want to be any skinnier then i am now at a 105.6 ish pound girl at 19 almost 20 years old. I recently came out to someone about this when i talked to them about this character in a netflix series called insatiable . This character suffered from an eating issues when she looses weight due to her mouth being wired shut. after all this happens she has these moments where she wants to binge eat and then find a way to burn the calories before pageants. And how i relate to this is because my freshman year during band camp when my depression hit i would barely want to eat. What my point is , you are not alone i bet many others struggle with this to. I wish you the best and i hope you make the healthiest decision.

Hold Fast You’re worth it ! - Ashley