I want to die because of my mom

I want to die because of my mom i cant talk to him abouty feelings without being blamed for trying to start an argument or getting yelled at and i really wanna die i cant because i want a future and i wanna get better and my bf just wouldnt be able to handle it he has had too many people die already i just dont know what to do anymore im just so done with everything its really hard to fight i ak but its hard

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Hi Angel,

I see from your profile that you are currently 17. I like to ask about age when I see posts like this because if your parents are making you feel like shit and you’re 17, there is a very clear silver lining. You’re almost an adult who can make their own decisions, and using a permanent solution like suicide for a temporary problem like a bad parent just doesn’t make sense, especially considering you have stated that you want to get better and that you want a future. That tells me you don’t want to die, you just need to be around more healthy relationships. When you are 18 you can leave, work, get your own place, maybe with your boyfriend and be out of that toxic environment. It may not happen immediately, but it is a very plausible, healthy way to take care if this problem and it would ensure that you get that chance to have a future and get better. I know things look bad, but there are great opportunities in the future. Hang tight, these hard times won’t last forever.

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Reaching out to others and acknowledging your emotions is impressive and shows signs of strength. Do you have any interests, practices, or hobbies that give you a sense of relief?

It depends iv started using painting as a coping strategy/outlet but idk

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That’s wonderful! Lean into that. Creative arts can be a great way to relax your mind and emotions.

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