I want to give up

The car is overheating so I no longer have a way to work. I’m already drowning in bills from the piece of crap we have to drive, it broke down in January putting me further in debt. I haven’t been able to change the oil cause I have barely had money to eat. I really just want to die and disappear right now. I work and work for NOTHING because everything just keeps falling apart. I have NO HELP not one cares! I’m so tired of this. Mom’s only going to hate herself from not being able to help. I’m trying not to have a panic attack. I really just want to die.

Friend. You are piling far too much blame for things that aren’t your fault onto yourself. I’m sorry that things are financially an issue for you but there are resources our there that can help you. People do care about you, you have a whole community behind you and a mother who you said would feel bad for not being able to help… She may not be able to help financially or physically, but she can help you fight this dark patch. Things will get better, keep believing, keep fighting you got this.


Hey @RainLuver,

Shoot, I’m sorry to hear about your car falling apart… My car battery died on the way to work last week and had I miss most of the day (thus losing pay) - I was SO mad. But, at the end of the day, a car is just a thing - You still have your health, your friends and your family. Your story reminded me of the backstory of one of my favorite artists NF. Before he made it big, he talked about driving around a junk car in which he could only drive at night during the summertime or else the engine would overheat. Fast-forward a few years and now his situation is a thing of the past. Who know where you’ll be in the future too!


My car is NOT just a thing it is my only means of getting to and from work. I will lose my job soon because I cannot get there. If I pay for a lyft I have no money for rent. Even without paying for that I have no rent money this month. I have no food. If I lose my job I los everything.

Hey, friend. I know EXACTLY where you are.

Me and my husband share one car and we both have jobs. A few months ago, our car FINALLY bit the dust - it was literally on its last legs. He missed out on a lot of work and it was stressful. We finally had to humble ourselves and ask someone to help pay for the down payment on a new car. We were terrified what the people we were asking would say because they are good friends of the family and we didn’t want them to think we were using them. But they helped us and were glad to do it, they even paid our insurance until we could afford to get it ourselves. So, the point to all this is, it could literally just take asking someone for help. Ask a friend for a ride until you can save up. People care more than you think.

I know this is a very rough time in your life, but it will pass. Stay strong, friend.
We love you and care about you!


Sadly I don’t have any friends in real life so I have no one to ask. All my friends are online, every last one.