I was too late to help my friend

Hey shadow. I’m going through something similar, friend. I was/am pretty distraught about it. I made a forum post here as well and some of the advice given to me was/is really useful and helpful to me so I hope it will be to you, too. These aren’t in exact quotes.
It’s important to try and find closure. It isn’t easy to move forward and life might throw a curve ball or two at you while you try to do this. One day you’ll look back and realize how far you have grown together, she will live on in your spirit and in the spirit of her friends and the other people who were around her.

It’s important to keep reaching out here. When you think about your friend write a letter to her. When you think of someone you miss i would suggest you write them a letter. You dont have to give that person you miss the letter if they’re alive. For those who are not alive i suggesting tying the letter to a balloon and letting it go, and imagining it as a weight lifted off of your chest and a letter that is going to reach them. We’re here for you, friend. Don’t hesitate to come back if you need help.
-Kayla/With my twist on it

the replies to this post are what im referencing and I hope you can find use in the other comments that were there too. We’re here and love you my friend. Take care of yourself.