I was too stuburn to post this

So as it comes to this title " to stubborn to post this" i originally was going to write how i was stressed out about a certain issue and mixture of my own mental health .
But now i cant even get myself to right this because this may not seem like a Problem. It sucks when you feel like your the “only” person in your class that deals with accommodation or an “iep” … I dont know what the hell to do.
I have this project due , ill be doing it 1 on 1 with my professor and this is not what i wanted but this is what she wanted. I dont blame her but im just thinking whats best for me and my anxiety . last time i presented i got a 43 on a project . I just makes you feel like your a failure just because you cant get through a whole presentation with out shaking or just loosing it . With this presentation it has to be memorized ( its for american sign language ) . I am trying my best to learn everythig 1 week before because i didnt get a response till it was close to the due date (1-2 weeks before). Im not mad im just super stressed.
the reason why i have these accommodations is because of my auditory processing disorder. it takes me longer to process stuff, on the top of that anxiety doesnt help.
I just dont feel normal or human because i am different. I feel like im just doing this lone wolf style. When can i feel “normal” when can i feel “human”? When can i feel like nothing is out to get to me just because im different. When can things just go right and have people understand me. WHEN CAN THIS HAPPEN. i just want this to be done and over with . I dont want to give up but i dont want to feel like im drowning .

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Hey friend,
School is hard and its okay to feel how you do. I believe in you and your ability to fight the odds and memorize that material needed for this presentation. I’m sorry that you’re experiencing anxiety through all this. You are human and are going through some things that are hard. Its okay to be different and have different needs, that’s what sets us apart as individuals. How you learn and process things is unique and amazing, no matter the challenges. We are here to support you. You matter, you have value, you are loved.