I Was Very Hurt and Humilated Today

Today was the most humiliating situation that I have experience so far. I had gone to this synagogue after I finished coming out of mine and I would go to this other one because of the nice things there and I know the workers there. The Rabbi there was very mean and just rude he told me and my mother to leave because they were closing and they had an incident of vandalism, someone had broken a Mezuzah thinking it was Silver but the way he spoke to me and my mother was very mean, rude and disrespectful he had no right to speak to us in that manner, we had nothing to do with the vandalism and we were visitors, I was going to tell him off but I decided to just say have a nice day and walk away.

It still bothers me because it happens a lot and this causes people to resent the Jewish community as a whole and many young Jews don’t want to be religious because of bad apples like this guy. I am thinking if I should make a formal complaint or make a lawsuit for discrimination and racism because there was no reason given for his very hostile attitude towards us. I will pray and ask God for guidance and wisdom. But it hurts because we are not bad people, we are not thieves, criminals or drug dealers. We are honest decent people and that kind of behavior shouldn’t be allowed especially from a spiritual leader.

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hey there @ranma1983 i am so sorry this happened to you and your mother , and this isnt okay for them to do this . Just know that it will be okay. Dont let one experience ruin you !
hold fast!

  • ashley
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Big Hugs thank you Miss Ashley it means a lot to me

no problem friend thats what im here for !

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Because of people like him is why people hate God and run from religion

technically @ranma1983 ,
thats not a reason to hate god and run from religion. People dont have to believe in god or pratice a religion . Tbh, its the people who are the ones who wake up on the wrong side . They probably just woke up on the wrong side of the bed . Tomorrow or the next day will also turn into a better day for them

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I feel many religious leaders have gotten very corrupted and its no longer about spirituality its more about power and control

That really sucks. I’m sorry that you and your mom were not treated with more respect. I hate it when people in our world are so bitter towards others with no valid reason. It’s truly a shame and not how it should be.

Like Ashley said, just know that this guy is one guy. Don’t let what he said or do ruin you. It’ll be okay. It sucks, but sometimes we run into people who will be unkind to us for reasons we don’t know. But don’t let this stop you from moving forward and being happy. We will always run into people who are difficult. It’s part of life. But, we must keep our head high anyway.

Much love to you

  • Kitty
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Thank You Kitty!!! For your kind words