I wish I could float away some days

Today I’ve been snapped at multiple times and I’m kind of sick of it. One of my parents has been annoyed and angry because of their neck which I get but it has been every day for a week. I am so tired of all the noises and yelling and it’s just too much.

I know they may just be joking but noises are bothering me so much again and they are triggering me and it sucks. It’s like I can hear everything and it just sucks. I just wish people would be quiet nd stop slamming things and yelling.

It may be inconsiderate of me to think these things but I’m just so tired of it all and so sick of it all and it just makes me hate myself.

I just hate myself a lot right now and I know things will get better but it’s just hard. Right now I just want to cry and be alone and self injure and it sucks.

My sister has a friend who was in he hospital for a month and I tried providing her with some resources so she could reach out to her friend and she snapped at me and I felt like I was being too pushy and I just hate myself.

My mom has been so mad and my dad won’t stop joking or yelling and I’m so tired of it all I JUST WANT IT ALL TO STOP.

I know it’s just life and it may be inconsiderate of me to feel like this but I just hate myself and I am so tired of it all.

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Lys, I’m so sorry that you’re going through this right now. I can see how this is bringing you down - I have a lot of issues in my home life too. You are also fighting an addiction. Your mind is going through a lot, so you will be irritable. Your sisters friend is probably just getting through her own things right now and even though she snapped at you - those resources will help her eventually. If you can - try and spend some more time outside, once you get a job you won’t have to deal with this so much. If possible - speak to your mum and let her know that you’re aware she’s struggling but that you’re there for her. Don’t let this bring you down. We’re here for you - if you ever want to voice chat and block it out, just give me a message. Love you girl - you’re doing so well.

Hold Fast


Hey @Lyss,

I’m sorry I’m a little late to responding to your post - I hope things have gotten better since then. Have you been able to talk to your parents about how they make you feel? Perhaps if you told them, they might change how they verbally approach you? I’m not trying to defend them - they just might not even know that they’re doing this to you, y’know? (i.e. lack of self-awareness). You’re dealing with a LOT and you have heaps of stuff on your plate, so please don’t be too hard on yourself. You’re a strong person. Believe that. :slight_smile:


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