I wish I didn't exist, even though my life is "good"

I wish I didn’t exist. To others my life could look even better than average, but I feel really bad and since I know others are in much worse situation than I am and are doing just fine, I feel like I don’t have the right to feel bad. That makes me feel even worse.
I have a good family that I love and who loves me back. My health is good, my studies are going well, my financial situation is great and I have a boyfriend who loves me more than I deserve. I do have happy moments in life, and I am confident that in the future I will be happier. So from what I’ve understood my situation is quite different from most people who consider suicide. I know I am loved and I don’t feel like I am a burden to anyone, other than myself.

If anyone is or have been in a similar situation, please let me know.

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I can relate to your situation, I do feel my life is better than other people, but still get mad of what I don’t have. And I have meltdown because of it.

If you have depression it does not matter if your rich or poor. It still can come strong and it hits hard. It more like getting a headache you can’t control it. So don’t blame yourself for having these thoughts. There no right or wrong feeling. It okay to be sad, it parts of being a human being.


Hey, I know how you feel. I was there and sometimes I still am. I had depression but thank God that He helped me overcome it, even though I feel it like a wave that comes over me sometimes.This is different, like you said, I know that i am loved, everything is good but something just doesn’t fit in. And I try to trust God, because He created us with a purpose.
I’m sorry if I couldn’t make myself well understood, but sometimes I can’t express myself well. I hope this video will help you https://youtu.be/QFf6opXR1Hc when I’m down I need this kind of encouragement.

Thank you so much! Unfortunately I am not religious at all, but the video was still very inspirational. I wish I could believe in God to gain more hope about things but I don’t and I don’t think I ever will. This is also something that bothers me and I feel pretty alone and no purpose. Any ideas about how to start believing?

You’re welcome! Try to pray and read the Bible. I had doubts before. But I look all around me and I think that someone had to create them. There are too many things that are so well made. The sky, the oceans, the trees, etc. Even our bodies and everything that works in it. Everything… But not just that I look around me, but I prayed and He answered me. I really think that through music God brought me closer to Him and He made me find these testimonies https://youtu.be/T5-bwS-hrJ4 https://youtu.be/EoA9aEZulrM
Last time when I doubted I told him that i need more faith, I asked Him to do something. I wanted to feel that love. And He did. I felt so much love. This is real. Jesus is real and He saves. I found about The Whosoevers
https://youtu.be/G3wqVdZksRk and I started to listen to them, and they made me to start to read the Bible.They made me realize that Jesus doesn’t want religion He wants a relationship with us. I hope these will help you. I will pray that God will help you. If you want more videos, please, tell me.

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