I wish I never got obsess with my ex friend

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I regret sent a message to my ex friend, saying you had lost a true friend. It honestly did not make me feel better, it actually just made things worst. In a lot of ways, I regret not letting her go. It should have been me the last time we hang out or last time I had message her. But I have obession with her that was not healthy at all. The more I made her feel guilty the more I had push her away.

It will break my soul to see her in person and not have her say hi to me. Because I had creep her out so much that I got clingy. Can’t go to these skate event to meet other girls because she got there and can’t go back to one of the indoor skate parks I really liked.

I still fansty of us being friends again, I keep giving myself fasle hope. I want to be by her side again and still can’t let go. It had gotten so fuck up that wanted something bad happen to her. I have said behind back that can’t repeat her.

I can’t believe that say or wish that someone that I truly love. I’m processing about her, it a selfish love. Because did not respect her boundaries or respect her as a person.

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