I wish never had list to my guys friends and family members

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I’m stilling not able to let go my ex friend, my OCD thoughts about her can’t stop and I keep questioning my friendship with her.

The only that made it hard is that my guys friend and my brother in law. Told me that she was just using me and she never care about me. That shit really fuck with my mind, it fucking made me so depressed and made regret saying nasty shit to her.

Guys would judge tellling me you waste your time with her, drive an hour to Rhode Island for nothing. They think I did not have sex with her it was pointless.

I hate how these fucker fuck with my mind. I’m not to lie, I’m sexual attractive to her. But I genuinely like hanging out with her as a friend. I did not mind driving an hour to hang out with her, skateboarding, getting food and go to some shows. She made my summer a lot of fun. She did some stuff that hurt and im heartbroken she want nothing to do with me anymore.

But these ring wings douchbag guy just made me feel depressed instead of helping me move forward. I literally get revenge fansties, I get paranoid that she never care for me.

I rather people say, things just did not work out between you two instead of saying you nothing to her.


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