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I would give anything for a friendly woman to talk to

I’m so lonely, its eating me alive. I’m 27 and have had very little luck dating. I do a good job of keeping up the appearance of having it together but the truth is Im a mess. I’m a lonely mess who would kill for a cute woman to cuddle with talk about my day with. Its lonely and it never gets better. No one wants to know me, or they start to get to know me and then they fade into the void cause I started to get real with them. I’m tired of it all. I just want a friend I can share everything with and not have to hide anything from.

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hey man
i’m not that cute and i’m not a women either so i can’t help it that much
but there are thousends of people who are feeling the same way be patient and try to find someone ,dating apps are not my own will but it is still an option
take your shut and don’t rush that much
one day you will find a true love dude
be safe take care and you are loved you just need sometime

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I am sorry that you are feeling lonely. I have felt the same way. During this time of singleness, find ways to love yourself a little extra. Take more time to participate in your favorite hobbies, or go on walks when the weather is nice. Read your favorite book or go to your favorite coffee shop more often. Until you find the right person for you, don’t be afraid to take care of yourself a little more. Then, by the time, you find your person, you will be content with who you are as a person because you’ve spent so much time with yourself! I know it might sound silly, but I’ve done it and it can be a lot of fun and SO refreshing when you take the time to do it. It doesn’t even have to be everyday, but try it at least a couple times a week.

And don’t worry about the people who fade out when you get real with them (I know, easier said than done). That response says more about the other person than you. Someone who is actually a good friend and cares about you, will sit in your pain with you no matter how heavy it might seem. It just takes time to find those people, but they are out there.

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