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I would like to end my life

I would like to kill myself so bad. I did not ask to be born. My parents never listen to me when I tell them I am depressed. Nobody really cares in my house. I would love to get a gun and blow my brains out. My parents love the rest of my siblings more than me which is messed up. I am fed up with it.

Not getting love from parents is a really big burden :frowning: They’re the ones who are supposed to give you endless unconditional love. I really would hate to see you go though :frowning: People are amazing. If you move out of your parents’ house at some point, who cares how far you go then? Move to a different country for all I care. I did it and it’s amazing how people treat you differently when you live too far away.
When I’m as deep as you are now, I like to think of the quote “This too shall pass” Bad times come and go. And so will this one. Please take care of yourself, find something to do to distract you. Watch a nice movie or read a book or do something creative :slight_smile: I truly believe that you have a better future ahead of you.
Much love and hugs,
Astroly xx

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Hey @nds163, I’m so glad you came here to share this with us :heart:

Thoughts about ending your life are really serious, and I would hate to feel like you have to go through them alone. So it’s great you came here! If you need more help though, or you feel like hurting yourself, there are people who want to help you right now on the phone - please google your country’s suicide support hotline if you need to. It’s worth it, it helps :heart:

It sounds like you’ve been reaching out, but the people closest to you haven’t been able to hear you. Your parents should be the ones who help you when you need it most, and it’s terrible that they’re not there for you. But, remember: If they don’t hear you, if they don’t seem to care, that says so much more about them than about you. You deserve to be heard and supported, and you deserve to be around people who value you for who you are.

Whatever they’re dealing with, if they’re not going to help you, you still deserve support. So again, I’m really glad you came to us :slightly_smiling_face: Maybe you can reach out to friends too, or let a teacher or school counselor know that you’re going through tough times. You won’t be burdening them - people want to help you, it’s one of the things that makes this world worthwhile.

I hope you’re getting through this, please let me know if you want to talk :heart:

Me too. Wish I could help but I can’t.

hey @nds163
I am so sorry that your family is treating your siblings better then you . YOU DO NOT desvere to die you deserve to be alive. You posting here lets us know you know something isnt right? I know its not easy but keep communicating , keep reaching out to see what you can do . We will always will be here for you
hold fast!