Idk what to call this but hi :)

I am in my new apartment. It’s very different. My room is pretty nice, but still a work in progress. I should get the posters I bought in the mail soon, so I’m excited to hang them up!! More of the music I like comes out soon!! (Kpop). The walk to Barnes and Noble is too far, so I can’t work there. I will probably apply to Chik Fil A, even though they don’t like queers. I guess it’ll be my secret oof. There is also a grocery store, but I’m not sure if that would be too much. Plus at chik fil a i would get sundays off lol

There are a lot of Catholic things here. There are 2 churches nearby and there’s a big outreach thing. Maybe I can get involved there.

I have not met anyone. Not really. I spoke to my neighbors at the store, but that’s it. I still haven’t met my mom’s boss and his family. He has a son my age. I hope he is nice. I went to the Local Game Store (LGS). I will be putting a flier up to hopefully find a game. I took a photo of some other people’s, but don’t know what to say to them yet.

I set up my fish tank! I went to the local fish store and asked about cycling my tank and he suggested getting a black tetra instead of using ammonia or waiting. So everyone, meet Wolffe!

He is a black tetra! I named him after the clone from star wars Commander Wolffe. I hope to get a betta and name him Plo Koon~ You know, the jedi! He also really likes the heater, I guess.

And then meet Stinker! I accidentally got him. He snuck into the bag with Wolffe lol (he is very hard to see because he is mostly clear)

When i woke up the other day, I heard a weird snap/clank noise, and it was Wolffe opening and closing his mouth! It was SO loud I was surprised. I guess he was hungry!!


Congratulations on the new place! I have quite a bit of Korean music, including some Kpop. My wife is really into BTS. Don’t give up on the grocery store. Working hours might be more flexible there.


hehe I set up my posters just the other day, and expected my mom to see them and get mad. she did not!

I suppose that’s true; I hadn’t thought of it. I doubt it would be too terrible, considering I would be a cashier or something, probably.


hey @sakurasangel !

this is such an amazing update and i am so happy for you, wolffe, and stinker! i know that so many great memories lie ahead for you 3 (and eventually 4 with plo koon). i’m excited for you to continue making your new apartment and city a home <3


p.s. i laughed when reading the part where wolffe’s mouth made the snapping noise, can’t even begin to imagine that small, cute lil’ fish making any loud noises hahah


Oh it was so violent! Sad thing is, I probably need to return him so he won’t eat plo koon :flushed:

But I did pick out plo koon this weekend!! He is so handsome!!


@sakurasangel Hi Friend

How lovely that you have a new apartment, im really pleased for you. New beginnings are a little nerve wracking but very exciting and making a new place into a home is great fun.
I love your little Tetra, hes very cute.
The Outreach thing you mentioned sounds like a plan! you could get to meet a few people and make a few friends, there could be some other new people who are in a similar situation as you and you can all find your way together?
Good luck in your New Home, with Wolffe and with the Job Hunting and I wish you lots of success with it all.

Much Love
Lisa :heart: