Idk what to do about my situation

So I just got a job at a brand new restaurant. We had orientation on July first and opened to the public, July 15th. I got my schedule for the next week and I have a total of 3 shifts between now and August 15th. I talked to my manager today and he said, “once we see you take it to the next level, we can talk about hours”. He said they weren’t displeased with me, and that I come in, kill it and hustle to get things done. I have no clue why my hours are getting cut if they’re happy with my performance so far. To make matters worse, the girl I’m talking to has two big sporting events that she wants me to take her to. Now that my hours are cut for at least two weeks, I have no clue how I’m gonna afford one of the two unless I make a sacrifice and live off Raman noodles for two weeks which I’m willing to do if that’s what needs to be done. This girl has put up with my trauma from past relationships, the abuse my ex stepmother did, and other shit, just to help me better my life. There have been countless nights where I may break down and feel like I don’t deserve a girl as loving and caring as her and she’ll help me see that I do. I want to be able to give her the couple things she wants but I just don’t know how it’s gonna work out with bills and less hours. I’m also making a sacrifice in the fact that I want to go to the ufc event in dc in December but I know if I’m dropping close to $500 on football tickets and another $200 or so on hockey tickets, that I won’t be able to afford even cheap nose bleed seats. She doesn’t know I have an interest in going and I don’t want her to feel like my event is more important than hers so I’m just keeping my mouth shut about it.

Are you looking for a career in the restaurant business? It’s a hard life, and you’re not the only good employee who gets their hours cut. Follow your passion. Money follows slowly.

I’m not opposed to a career in the restaurant business. I don’t mind the late nights or early mornings. The guy who’s the executive kitchen chef and in charge of everything, started as a fry cook and worked his way up in 14 years. I want that to happen and I’m willing to work for it.