Idk what to do with myself

I’m a 24 year old male. I live alone and work full time. I don’t have friends at work, and only a few outside of work. My best friend moved away, now my only other friend that I hang out with is moving away. I’m miserable and hate myself.

I’ve never been in a relationship, I can’t drive, I didn’t finish college, I have no hobbies, I’ve lost interest in everything I used to like, I have social phobia, I’ve been on so many meds I’ve lost count, I can’t quit smoking, I hate my appearance.

Please someone talk to me :’(


I’m 27 and have been dealing with a lot of those same issues. I haven’t really talked to anyone besides my family for over 2 years now (and barely even family). What things do you like to do on your free time, if you ever have any?

I used to have more hobbies. I’ve since just lost interest in them.
Any concerns I tried to bring up with my family when I was younger were quickly dismissed as just me overreacting.
I just work. Come home, sleep. Repeat.

Its okay dude, my bestfreind moved away too and its hard… Im sorry about your current situation, im just glad you could read this reply and i hope I made your day! :grin:

Find someone to talk to, preferrably a therapist. There are deeper issues present caused by those things that happened when you were younger, and talking them out with someone to come to an understanding of it will be an immense leap towards getting past what’s dragging you down. It’s intimating to talk about those kinds of things, I know, but from personal experience, it is very much helpful and worth it.

I don’t know where to start, I can’t afford a therapist. I was talking to a psychiatrist, but he retired. I was referred to him by a gp at a walk-in clinic.

I can do my best to be the person for you to talk to, if you were to be comfortable with that. If not, the only thing I can advise is to keep searching for someone or something else affordable. Or perhaps pursue a better-paying career so that you can afford a therapist or psychiatrist.
We all have to make the choice one day to stand up and tackle our problems or we will forever drown in the misery we allow them to cause us. It’s a hard truth to accept, but accepting it is freeing. We have to remove the masks we’ve crafted over years of accumulating hardship and move forward as free individuals. And it truly does start by making a simple choice to be real and accept that our lives are what they are and we have to make the most out of it or we will never find fulfillment. Much love brother

Hey friend!

You are not alone in this…there are alot of people struggling right now due to COV-ID and the current cultural environment. Feel free to reach out if you need anything!

Regarding a counselor or therapist…I know there are some free services out there or your work should cover at least some free sessions. Talk to your HR about it.

You are loved by me no matter who you are or where you come from

I don’t know what to say some times not a pro doctor or a therapist is not needed just one person who would listen would be enough
i have felt this way a lot in my own life and i know how it is …
i’m not a profession or something but if talking could help you to feel better we can talk i am so talkative by the way xD
take care

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