Idk what to do

From stolenkf: Ik it’s wrong but I feel like cheating, I rarely see my girlfriend as she long distance and I miss the physical intimacy that I can’t get from here enough, I’ve seen her once in the last month and want more.

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Hi @HeartSupport_Server,

It’s hard to be in a long-distance relationship with your girlfriend. You have the right to be frustrated with lack of physical intimacy. I totally understand that you are missing physical intimacy. Did you communicate with your girlfriend about this issue? Communication is a key to keep the relationship strong & healthy. How many weeks or months do you see each other? If you missed your girlfriend, you should try to visit her whenever you are available. It shouldn’t be one person traveling to see you each time. I wonder how often you visit your girlfriend. Surprise your girlfriend when you try to meet her. It will make her happy too.

I don’t know what you mean by cheating. Are you seeing someone else besides your girlfriend? Cheating is not good at all, it will end pretty nasty between you and your girlfriend. It’s better to breakup then cheat someone. Let me know if you need any help! Tell me if I misunderstood your situation.

From stolenkf: Hello and thanks for taking time out of your day to help. I love her with all my heart but i dont feel like its enough, i havent cheated but ive been having thoughts about it as I quite like a girl in my course, which is why i dont want to break up with her. We are in a rough patch right now though with things going on in both our lives that are unpleasant but thats not why im having thoughts about it

It’s okay, you didn’t waste my time at all. Whatever decision that you will make I support you. Sometimes relationships are not meant to last long due to several reasons. I told most of my friends and cousins if the relationship makes you feel unhappy, it’s better to break up. Don’t ever cheat with your partner. My cousin cheated with her boyfriend just like in your situation. They ended up with nasty argument and then a break-up. I just don’t want you to be in that situation like my cousin.

There is no shame breaking up. You did your best to maintain the relationship but you deserved to be happy and loved. Every relationship have some conflicts. Not everyone can handle long-distance relationship. You aren’t alone in this situation. Some people have negative thought because they feel like something bad is going happen. The person is stress to choose make a decision what makes them happy. A choice that you decide will either be positive or negative consequences.

I feel like you are worrying about being a bad partner but trying to improve relationship. You wanted something more from your girlfriend for physical intimacy. The barrier is stopping both of you loving each other. You are afraid of losing her due to being long-distance. If you did break up with her, you may feel like your life is over. You blamed yourself for being selfish for wanting physical intimacy. I believed you & your girlfriend can fight this tough battle. It’s important to communicate your girlfriend about the thoughts you had for a while. Your girlfriend will try her best to support you.

From stolenkf: The only reason im considering this is because I love her so much but its not everything , when i last saw her a month ago ive since felt like something was missing and i realised its beyond calls and texts.

That makes totally sense! I feel like everyone can relate to your post. People have doubts in their relationship. There are conflicts that people face in a relationship. You are doing a good job maintaining a long-distance relationship!

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