If you feel like giving up

If you’re going through a hard time and those thoughts are sounding loudly, this is your sign to not give up.
Some of you know my story and have helped support me through the darkest times of my life.
If you’re feeling unworthy, unloveable, small, scared, hopeless or just plain shit- there’s a light in the dark.
You are not alone in the eye of the storm.
If no one’s ever told you this- I’ll fight for you. By your side. We all will.
It’s not easy going, I know that. Even in a bad week where the noise of thoughts flood my head and I’m standing on that ledge, I know we pull through this together.
If you’re sitting in uncertainty and doubt and there’s only one thing you can focus on, then focus on this- IM HERE BECAUSE I MATTER.
Take a deep breath. Scream. Cry. And repeat it again.


I don’t know your story, but thank you for such uplifting words. Sometimes we just need one single person to believe in us, to make us feel better and help us snap out of despair. A small gesture, a few words can make such a difference.


You’re a wonderful soul! Your story is so incredible and you’re so deeply appreciated with your support and love x


Thank you so much for this beautiful message. It means so much and is so strong to see you using your voice, your experiences, to bring hope in the heart of others who need it. You matter, we all do, and we will overcome anything that is on our way, together.


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