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I'm 26 and this is a Weird post, i wish i could find another christian to talk to who is dealing with loneliness and feels like they arn't living as they should

I have a lot of frustration in my life, a lot of guilt, lonliness, ect. I would really just like to talk to someone who gets it. Who Understands what it feels like to be trying to do the “right thing” right up to the moment where they don’t care anymore. Where the world wouldn’t think your doing anything wrong but you feel like you are.

What’s been going on?

Its a really long really personal story

@startingover993 I’d love to listen if you’re willing to share :slight_smile:

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Hey there. Sometimes I get that same feeling of loneliness and start to think about my past. But you must remember that the past is the past and you can make something out of the present day and future! I try not let the past dictate how I feel and try to find the learning experiences from it. Just remember that you aren’t alone in this journey. My DMs or however you want to communicate is available and I can be a listening ear if you need it :slight_smile:. Keep your chin up!

ok well if you’re looking for just a “christian” to talk to about your problems then my personal opinion would be that is the wrong way to go not everybody that has good advice or that can help will be christian so anyways aside from that, there’s a lot of people who will listen but what is the personal problem the post isn’t really clear about what you need advice on as in " the right thing" what would that be ? i’m truly curious

honestly I just want to talk to someone about it.

well i kind of understand what you’re saying. why care about other peoples opinion whether you’re doing right or wrong people are still going judge, doesn’t matter who you are people are going to always find something bad, small or big to make you feel wrong.loneliness is something most people are afraid of but instead turn it into a positive, find your true spiritual self, create things & or do what you love being alone isn’t all that bad if you learn to cope with it.people will come into your life naturally don’t force it, frustration comes with being a human if you can get through them then you can keep bettering yourself. also guilt is part of the human conscience whatever you are feeling guilty of, should make you want to better yourself the more you dwell, overthink about it it’ll just kill you.