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Im a freak! And the world lets me know it

Hi…my life has been down hill from the time I was born!! I was born total freak! Deformed skull and deformed ribs, which caused me to lose alot out on life!! career, friends, family, health, just a normal life in general!! I know I can do so much, and show the world whst I got to offer, but according to society! Im not good enough, so their for ending my life is the next best thing!! Some say I’ll end up in hell if I do and some say i wont, but if you ask me, im already in hell…I wish society was more excepting to those who are different!!! Both physically and mentally

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You aren’t the only person who has deformity problems. I know some friends and people that can’t do as much activities, some even lay in bed because of that problem. You are not alone, you are a special unique person, never think that you need to kill yourself to fix that problem, there is still much more things you could do, you just have to THINK. Your deformed body tells you that you are special, don’t go and hurt yourself just because you think your aren’t worth something. A wise friend told me once that whenever you are feeling alone, turn to your family and Savior for guidance. The world isn’t you, because you stand out and be different! You are yourself, and no one can replace you for who you are. PLEASE DON’T leave and go and commit suicide, even though we only are strangers trying to help, we also care, because some of use experience these cases. And, your aren’t in hell, people say that because that’s what they only know, find out the REAL truth, there is still more your can do, you Think about it alright Cole?

I appreciate you for caring!! Although I can’t make any promises, we’ll see what happens…and I’m sorry about your friends😔 I hope they will be good

They are in a better place thanks to advice from their kind parents and caring friends… :blush:

That’s awesome​:slight_smile::slight_smile: hopefully it stays that way