I'm better off dead

I want to die and not think about the people I’m leaving behind

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Please stay alive, friend. If you need a sign to stay alive this is it. Your life is so so precious. Hold Fast.

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@Bandfreak03 I know how you feel. Everyday the thought of overdosing crosses my mind and the only reason I’m still alive is the family I’ve made here in the community. Sometimes I just wish I could stop caring and just do it, end all the pain and stop burdening them. If that’s the only thing keeping you alive, it’s not such a bad thing but we both have to let those people help us whilst we can.

Hold Fast

DONT GIVE UP! You were put on this world for a purpose! If you give up now and leave life behind you YOU WILL REGRET IT, YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE there is people who care about you and it’s unfair if you leave them. Do not give in. LIVE UP TO YOUR DREAMS. WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER OK NO ONE IS ALONE IN THIS. KEEP FIGHTING!
Your Friend

you should think about you. not about dying. what is important to you, what are your dream and your hope. i could go down that way but for me it is not worth it because you are not away of your trouble you are giving more trouble for you and your loves one. trying to do something positive it is more than going that wait. why don’t you go see a person that is lonely or sick or being with a small child and tell them stories. maybe a person is there for you and you can get your answer. life is way better in a way to look at it. you could impact a person on the way. life is more important than death. you can be my friend if you want.

Hi friend. I care about you. We are strangers but I care. Please stay. I want to you to be okay. You are loved and valued. I know life can be hard. Please reach out to someone. Anyone. If you need help. Let someone be a guidance and support for you.

We want you to stay.